Monday, January 07, 2008

Cramming as ever!


: lol'd
harmony: "resolution of soul" by KOTOKO

Oopsy doodles, I never learn... I always take cramming as an option... and now, I am cramming again ever. x,X *oh sweet joy* I'm not in the mood in studying nowadays... Argh, I'm hopeless... x_X Tomorrow will be the start of my midterms exams and submissions of some of my projects and I only started a little. XD *banged* Again, I was occupied by "other" tasks that I am more willing to do rather than those pesky and boring projects of ours.

I remember last time, one of my prof told our class that "Cramming is not an option". Oh yeah, have to take note of that as long as I live... xD Because I don't follow such rules and regulations. xD *giggles* It's like my middle name is "cram". xD

Ahhh! I'm running out of time again... xD tomorrow will be the big day... have to work on... xD

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