Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm so blind! WTF! >,<

I am pround of my 20/20 vision but I can't believe that I only noticed just now...

That the url of my webbie in the layout was scrambled! XD

Ah shiaatt... XP I'm so damn blind! Noticing only now. x___X''

If you'll notice, in my main webbie, ++ Flaming Ash ++, the url in the layout was spelled "tsiouku" instead of "tsuioku". XD Gaarrrsshhh I'm so blind. XDD And wrong timing, I noticed it here in the school!! O.O So errm, it looks like it'll be fixed later at night. Nemmeet! That's the disadvantage of having a very high screen resolution at home! =/


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