Sunday, July 01, 2007

Small yet Good Accomplishments

sentiment: happy
harmony: "Shining stars bless☆ (preview)" by Kaori Utatsuki

Today was not much a totally genki day but it went smooth so far. I was able to accomplish some small things but for me, it's a must! I mean, it's not a big deal accomplishment. It was all worth it. :D Here are those accomplishments:

  • I was able to level up my account in Soul Calibur 2 Conquest Mode. My Xianghua is now a Platinum Lieutenant of Cerberus with 302 wins and 96 losses. Maybe to those who are avid players of SC2 they'll find this a piece of crap but for me, it's not a big joke because accomplishing this is very costly and even though I seldomly play, I was still able to arrive at this rank. ^^
  • I was able to create some single articles of Hitomi Shimatani in Wikipedia just now.
  • I already have a preview of Shining stars bless☆! Which is the opening theme for the anticipated anime Nanatsuiro Drops... xD it's a 35-second preview courtesy of Kaori Utatsuki's newly made website! If you want to listen, click play in the widget below. I must say, that she looks cute and younger in her website layout now. She's like she went through plastic surgery haha! Just kidding. :D If you want to find out if I'm kidding or not, take a look at this website. Click here.

There. It took me a lot of time to do all of this but at least it killed my boredom since no ones posting/updating in the forums lately so I concentrate on my "extracurricular activities" that is. xD~

Shining stars bles...


  1. nice! kapatid! mukang nasa mood ung luck para sau ah? I hope I can play soul calibur too..

  2. unga ehh sana magpatuloy lang sya... makakapaglaro ka rin nun kung ppunta ka ng mall.^^

  3. weeeh.. that's a figthing game right? weehe.. hope so.. I'm not so good at that..

  4. basically, yeah. It's like tekken (they're both created by namco) but the difference is they use weapons. I enjoy playing that because I like fighting games... plus Xianghua is really cute and adorable! xD