Monday, May 07, 2007

Preview, Preview, Preview!

Feeling: Sleepy yet excited
Currently Listening To: "I pray to stop my cry -little sea style-" by Mami Kawada

Ahh yes! I recorded a preview of Akai Namida and Beehive via the link that I indicated at my last entry. Here's the 46-secondpreview and some description of the songs in Mami Kawada's upcoming single. Well I just judged the song according to the preview because I haven't listened to the long version since it's yet released:

1. Akai Namida - a midtempo ballad that starts with piano and then suddenly becomes a little lively after awhile.

2. Beehive - more vibrant and lively than Akai Namida. Usage of heavy electronic guitar at the beginning of the song then becomes an upbeat dance.

Enjoy the preview, minna-san! Sorry if it was a low-quality one... Crap the neowing, they don't have high-quality previews... =_= but I guarantee you can still understand the song... ^__^ Mami's voice is indeed great!

For me, I think I will love Akai Namida more than Beehive since I'm more of a ballad person and the piano sounds great with Mami's voice... but nonetheless, I still like Beehive... XD Long live, Mami Kawada! Hurrah! I'll support you all the way! Hahaha!

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