Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happy Sembreak!!

Feeling: Energetic
Currently Listening to: "Memoria" by Kazuko Hamano

Wow! I can't believe it! It's our semestral break! Wow talk about time! It was so fast... It's like yesterday it was the start of the First Semester, then after a day, it's already Second Semester! O_O anyways I tried my very best to all my subjects this sem... I hope I have no failing grade this sem...^___^

Ohh.. I changed the Hi no Tori mp3! It has now a good quality! For those who want to download it again, please go to my September Archives! Ohh and as you can see, you can also download the one I'm currently listening to! It's one of my favorite song in the anime series "Boys Be..."

Wow I also can't wait for my RP to end! The scene is already exciting that I can't wait for the next post!!^___^ I hope we can end it soon... So that Miyu's RP (Time for School, the Remake) can begin!^___^ I can't wait, I can't wait!!!XD

Song Title: "Memoria"
Sung by: Kazuko Hamano
Anime Series: Boys Be... [Episode 8 Insert Song]
Length: 03:58
Size: 3.64 MB (128 kbps)

click here to download

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