Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What does it really takes to have a job?

And here we go again with those irrelevant real life (RL) stuffs. But what can I say? It's really ticking me off and it's getting out the worst on me. I felt like the corporate world is too cruel for me because I tried my best to find a work but it seems like it wasn't really that enough [I don't know if I'm the one lacking or the companies are just too damn choosy when it comes to candidates].

I think I've had enough already with their excuses of "calling you after a week or so" but received none. Maybe they should try a frank approach on me so I will know if I pass or not. Oh come on, I'm not a psycho as to make a riot or any scenes just because I failed or was not the chosen candidate — at least, I won't expect anything from them, right?

I've been to direct hiring companies and I even seek help from my agency [who bridged me to Metrobank] to look for another job but it looks like it'll take me a while to have another job. *screw that* I have to earn and I need to have money before Christmas [and most especially, my birthday! o_o] And I'm surely not that enjoying the everyday ambiance here at home since my routines are always the same. I want something different. And for the last time, let me rant....



❤: sulky
♫: "Sore ga, Ai Deshou" - Mikuni Shimokawa

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  1. Hey Fred,

    This probably wont cheer you up but you're not alone, don't give up !(yet)