Saturday, October 16, 2010

My opinion on the upcoming I've Sound releases

Hmm it has come to the point that I've Sound is going to release three weeks in a row! And it really intrigues me who's going to get most of the sales and recognition... Is it:

- KOTOKO's Loop-the-Loop single? [10/20 out]
- MELL's MIRAGE album? [10/27 out]
- Mami Kawada's No buts! single? [11/03 out]

Loop-the-Loop cover

is KOTOKO's 16th single which will be used as the opening theme for the harem anime Motto To-LOVE-Ru. I've heard it a month ago via the website of the anime series. Though it's a TOMOYUKIxTAKESHI production, I think I'm going to pass on this one — I've had enough of KOTOKO's cutesy stuffs. They aren't really that bad but I'm not into those kind of songs. So it's coupling song Raimei ga Naku Koro (雷鳴が鳴く頃) should be good or else, there's no point looking forward into this single. The PV is just plain crazy with the Johnny Depp imitation and cutesy pirate outfit.

MIRAGE (Regular Edition) MIRAGE (Limited Edition)

MIRAGE is MELL's 2nd album. I'm liking the regular edition cover (left) but the limited edition looks too girly IMO with those yello and pink reminisces. But seeing the tracklisting of this album makes me want to buy it (though I don't have money for that) but when the credits for each song were revealed, I think it's safe not to buy because seeing a lot of Ken Morioka produced songs, I'm not too convinced. Sorry, his remix of RIDEBACK and SCOPE are not really too impressive for me. Sabaku no Yuki included in this album is good but since already heard that, nothing too special and what's Proof doing here? It should have been included in her debut album MELLSCOPE right? The remix of MELL's greatest song Red fraction (which was used as the opening theme for the OVA of Black Lagoon) is also in here but not really too great. So what do I expect from this album? Ken Morioka should prove me wrong or else, Infection (TV anime Highschool of the Dead Insert song) is the only good song in here including the titular track mirage and KILL.

No buts! cover

No buts! is Mami Kawada's 9th single. It will be used as the opening theme for the second season of Toaru Majutsu no Index and overall, her 5th tie-up. I thought I was not going to like this one since it was too hyperactive for Mami but I found myself really addicted on this song! *.* And even though it sounds like Iuchi who did it, TOMOYUKIxTAKESHI surprised me with their new creation — in a good way though. XD SATANIC sounds interesting though no preview yet but the title is so mysterious and strong so I wonder what Mami got for this song.

If you ask me, what am I going to buy if I have the money? Without being bias, I think I will go buy Mami's single since I'm pretty sure there's no regrets on this one. The song is great while the B-side is interesting and I can't wait to hear it. While the other two for me, is a full of so-so-ness. x__x


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  1. why is that whenever you say you're not being biased, I still think that you do? XD

    I think that MIRAGE will be the best of the three, and will sell the second-most (Loop-the-loop being the 1st XD)

  2. Well I'm not really biased as I can see it, No buts! would be the best choice.

    I don't think Loop-the-Loop will sell that much if you ask me. If you monitored much of KOTOKO's recent sales, I'm not wondering if this will sell less than expected (more or less less than 10,000).

    About MIRAGE, already pointed this out on the forum. I'm not impressed with Morioka's works and I don't like the Red fraction remix either. There is an ancient song (I love Sabaku no Yuki) but nothing new, Proof is a mediocre one. mirage, KILL, Infection and probably Fascination are the only bets here. Only 1/3 of the contents are safe to say that would be a good result.

  3. And MIRAGE would sell second-to-the-most? O_O I think I would bet this would sell the least. After not releasing any material for a year, I don't think MELL could sell a bunch unless Geneon would prioritize on it by promoting it more.