Friday, August 13, 2010

Moving on with life...

Araa~ it has been a good two months since I've posted something on my blog?! And I didn't keep my word on being active. =_=' Shame on me.

Well half of it is, you know, indolent since I didn't know what to write on mah blog. And even if I wanted to, I don't want to spam that much on my beloved blog. *hugs*

So what happened to me after "that two months" — many things happened but I'm just going to summarize it. That last post was a false alarm. XD My real "substitute" arrived 10 days after the blog post was made. And last July 25, 2010, my contract has officially ended with Metrobank. I felt lonely and heavy-hearted leaving my friends there but what can I do if I have to leave? If only the time could go back to those happy moments with my closest friends there. We had lots and lots of pizza, laughter and memorable moments before I left.

I visited there twice (one for my clearance signing and the other is to charge on my friend's debt on me) and I'm glad to see they're doing alright though they were busy with a lot of encoding to do. And on my second visit, I was truly happy that all of the encoders in our division went out with me for dinner [and to tell you, there should be at least one or two encoders left on our division in case of some more data encoding arrived].

And yesterday, I received an SMS from Metrobank for an interview on Monday! Yoshaaa, for direct hire! :D♥ I surely hope I could pass the interviews and exam so that I could see my friends there again [though not for long since one of them will have their contract end on the next two months]. Oh well, it's a worth of try since many of the former contractual employees from Metrobank told me that it's really hard to pass the interview.

I don't really care if it's a low-rank job as long as I have a stable and decent job, right? And that's what really matters, at least for now.

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  1. best of luck to your interview :D hopefully you get that job (and be able to buy EXTRACT ASAP) *shot*

  2. yes, thank you J4. :D I surely hope so since I really want to BUY THOSE ALBUMS & SINGLES SO BAD!!! @_@ But I can't promise I'll buy once I had a work. You know, the tax deduction is JUST TOO HIGH and I still have to prioritize the family's expenses since my other older sisters have their own "duty expense" in our household. At alam ko alam mo na ang mahal mabuhay dito sa Pilipinas. D:

  3. indi ba kayo naghahati-hati ng expenses dyan? dapat gawin nyo yan para may savings ka :| mahirap pag mas malaki yung binabayaran mo kaysa sa kanila >_>

  4. um, actually naghahati na kami ng lagay na yan. Marami lang talagang gastusin sa bahay at yung isa kong ate medyo maluho kaya hindi sapat yung nabibigay sa bahay. Yung isa ko namang ate pa, nagbibigay din kaso medyo kuripot kaya ayun. Tapos bayarin sa DSL/telephone, tubig, kuryente, cable pa. D: