Friday, October 02, 2009

Epsilon no Fune previews, now available!

Previews are now available on her main website.

Mostly are upbeat songs especially the new songs. :D Although I can't say I'm liking all of them though. Ö some of them are kinda obvious on their credits. And I'm going to specify my hypotheses on the song credits of Epsilon no Fune.

1. ε~Epsilon~ (Kazuya Takase)
2. リアル鬼ごっこ Real Onigokko
3. ∞-DRIVE (Kazuya Takase)
4. scene
5. 雨とギター Ame to Guitar (sounds like Kara no Tsubomi? C.G mix + Takeshi Hoshino)
6. 限界打破 Genkai Daha (Tomoyuki Nakazawa x Takeshi Ozaki)
7. モネラの絆 Monera no Kizuna (C.G mix+Takeshi Ozaki --- so obvious! it sounds like HISUI!)
8. ハヤテのごとく! Hayate no Gotoku!
9. RI←SU→KU (Maiko Iuchi)
10. HELLION (Tomoyuki Nakazawa x Takeshi Ozaki)
11. Geoglyphs (C.G mix)
13. LITTLE BABY NOTHING (Kazuya Takase -- w/ both of them in their most brilliant ENGRISH words)

I'm liking the following: ε~Epsilon~, 限界打破, and HELLION. ∞-DRIVE was alright while the others seems to lack something...


感情: hungry
音楽: "kiseki" - NIRGILIS


  1. lolwut... kotoko's song now sounds like ayumi... -_-;;

    3 for Maiko
    5 for mix and hoshino
    6 for kazuya
    7 for cgmix lol fuckkk
    9 for nakazawa or mix with one of takeshis
    10 for maiko
    11 for cgmix lmao

  2. "10 for maiko"

    Nyah... really? Does it really sound that Iuchi-esque rock? I mean yes it's rock but there's no "noisy electric guitar" present -- but oh well those are just previews. xD

  3. lol that maybe her trademark, but sometimes she doesn't use it :P

    but oh well, it's just a hunch after all :P