Monday, September 28, 2009

Kalafina's progressive single cover exposed!

Now, the Kalafina's long-awaited 6th single progressive has now revealed its single cover! It's a good thing someone from uploaded it and of course, as a paparazzi, I snagged this! xP *totally bricked*

The trio is now back! *o* Although not the best cover that they've really had. I like Lacrimosa's single covers more. But it's not that bad to try out other concepts nee? Well knowing Yuki Kajiura, who is more of an experimental person, would've agreed with it. xD

But they still maintained the beautiful dresses. 8D that I really like. :D


感情: hungry to the highest level
音楽: "storia" - Kalafina


  1. for some reasons I can't explain, I don't like the cover. It seems to be too... disco-theme for Kalafina. And OMG EVERYONE IS SO SKINNY "OTL

  2. I don't like the cover too~ x__X Wakana looks like she's spaced out... I don't know if this is the CD+DVD or the CD-only but I'll post it once the details become more clear. Despite the disco-theme of the cover, it is a dark rock -- I don't get it. o_O'

  3. the cover is obviously formed by 3 pictures. soo obvious. ohh How I wanna see Wakana with bangs again because IMO she was prettier, like the one in YK Live vol.3... she... well everyone looked so old in this cover "OTL

    just need to hope the songs are great... well Kalafina hardly fails to amaze me :P *lol*