Saturday, March 14, 2009

One of your ordinary RL's

感情: nostalgic
音楽: "Doko ni mo nai Michi" - Eiko Shimamiya

Wow it has been a while since I posted something RL and serious but anyhow, I'll continue. xD

Two days ago (it's already Saturday in our timeline), I had a battle on my mind if I will come up for my mock defense or boycott it since I'm too lazy to present my thesis. Plus, our office will be closed at 11am because our Bedan Volunteer coordinator will be out till nth hours and won't be back until tomorrow -- so in short, I don't have a place to go or stay that's why don't ask if what is my decision about the mind battle.

Plus, Joie-chan's like tempting me to go to Manila so that's why I decided to go there and see them. And I'm very longing to see them because I haven't seen them for months! o.O I haven't been using my cellphone lately so I haven't communicated with them for awhile also. So I texted her that I will go to her place and have fun since I'm also depressed with the turn of events at school. And the fact that staying there will be more torture for me. It felt sad so I decided to free myself from this sadness even for just a while, right? (Although, I'm somewhat sorry for what I did for the mock defense. -_-a)

Natsumi-chan was also with us although Hangman and Mana-chan weren't able to come but we took our time to enjoy the moment. I missed that moment where I am truly with my closest and greatest friends around (as you know, I don't have a REAL friend at school -- I mean somewhat in-lined with my interests, behavior etc.) just talking, laughing, sharing each others' stories about what happened lately, plus I already told them my problem at school. It was a short day for us but we still enjoyed it! We walked around, eat @ (the nearby) KFC, trip trip's, plus we went to Tronix and the nearby Neoprint-like studio wherein we took pictures. And good thing, I was able to scan the pictures awhile ago at our office. xD And here are some of our pics from two days ago. ^_^ Haha there is a "halloween special" pic from one of the mini-pic stickers but sadly I don't have it. xD Lucky you, kapatid Joie-chan! xP

Ah yes, although my music is mediocre it still fits the occasion! XD One of my favorite Maiko Iuchi songs performed by Shimamiya-sensei. :D

Going back, I really missed the times when we're together. Especially now, I already miss them especially the ones whom I weren't able to see but good thing, it'll be Joie-chan's birthday celebration next week and we'll be able to see each other again -- the complete edition. XD


  1. Now I'm acting guilty~! *cover face* I feel like it was me who pushed you to cut your class!!! XD hehe... but oh well we had fun anywayz~! XD

    >Yeah hopefully we will be complete next week for my bday! :D

    >waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh~! That picture is one of that halloween special thing!!!! wwaaaaaahhH!!

    hate that sticker machine! I like it yet it made me look bad!

  2. *lol* it's fine to cut class for once :P

    as long as you're not used to it :P

    and you can meet your long-time-no-see friends, too x3

  3. @shaoran>> Ah don't feel guilty haha! XP I desired for it so I just fired up myself with a "GO! GO! GO!" spirit. xD

    Oh you mean the last pic?! Was that a halloween special?! REAALLLYYY?! XDDD;

    @Yuki-chan>> well you can say that again! Make use of our absences!!! XDDD;; *got stomped by teachers*