Sunday, January 04, 2009

These are only once in a blue moon!

sentiment: peaceful
harmony: "Baragoku Otome" by ALI PROJECT

This day was a blast even if the time flew very fast. I got to see my GSG friends and even if we didn't talked all that much, really seeing their faces happy and all smiles already made me happy and contented. Although I have a slight fever (which was eventually healed) I still got to enjoy the day and do our "trip-trip"'s.

Mana-chan, Natsumi-chan, Hangman, Shaoran, Nicole, Charles, Souji, Pepe, Ryo and the others who have made it, thanks for your time! ^_^

Just like the title says, these meetings/gigs are just once in a blue moon! It's like we haven't seen each other for ages! We only interact through blog hopping, SMS, etc. But seeing each other's faces personally made the difference. xD

And Mana, me and Hangman even took a picture in front of the mirror! Haha! We're just having fun... xD

Plus I got lucky awhile ago when I'm on my way home, the conductor of the bus forgot to get my payment for the ride so that means I got a PhP30.00 free ride from Makati to Alabang! Lucky! XD You know me, I don't pay if you don't charge me. XP In my entire life, it already happened for the second time and being the fact that it is really a rare incident for that to happen, I happen to take that opportunity. XP Haha! *vampire laugh* You can say that I'm bad but the bus fare is really expensive for only a few kilometers away from the destination. ;)

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