Monday, January 12, 2009

PSI-missing is really profitable, I'd say. =D

sentiment: happy!
harmony: "Banana moon" by RYTHEM

I just checked out Mami's wiki page when suddenly I just noticed, the total sales for PSI-missing increased again!!! Even if he's not reading this, Hadji, the jpopmusic forums Oricon sales poster who is also a Filipino, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!! FYI, Hadji's also the one editing the sales for Kawada in WikiTHEPPN but since it's kinda not working properly, I asked him a favor in the jpopmusic forums and truly, he updates it every 2 weeks. =D Lol, I wonder how he does it but great job. XD I hope he also does it to masterpiece once released.

from 18,581, it increased to 19,744 sales and charted for its 9th week!!! Amazing!! Looks like the 20,000 sales I'm looking forward will be made possible haha! *spazzes*

Random trivia, PSI-missing peaked @ #14 and charted for its 9th week (hope it'll still chart next week for its 10th week) and incurred almost 20,000 copies sold. While Virgin's high!/kicks! garnered #15 and also charted for 9 weeks and incurred an estimate of 20,000 copies so it's possible that the former will surpass the sales of the latter. Oh YEAH! Go Mami!!! =D *all cheers*

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