Saturday, December 27, 2008


sentiment: *whew*
harmony: "masterpiece (TV size)" by Mami Kawada

*whew* I'm finished with the masterpiece page on wiki. It's been a while since I updated Mami Kawada's page on wiki so before 2009 enters, I'm going to edit it big time since I'm the one who made the page in the first place! XP nyahaha! =D

I wonder how's PSI-missing's sales? Learning that it charted for it's 7th week (through Oricon), I wonder if it already reached 18k sales since the 17,409 total sales on wiki was for it's 6th week sales... While poor KILL already stopped charting for 2 weeks (which only garnered 3,403 sales). It's just proves that PSI-missing was more epic win than KILL. =3 Haha!

I also revamped Mami's fanlisting & fansite. Wait, I already told this on my previous posts?! Ah well, I'm just a little proud of myself although it looks simple, it's still piece of hard work. XD *wipes sweat on my forehead*

Next will be the ALI PROJECT fanlisting and the visual kei layout for my friend's multiply site. She asked me to make her a new layout. Maybe she visited my multiply page and saw the very reddish layout I made. XP Ah well, at times like this, I'd be pretty busy with layouts but I still appreciate it. =3 Now, to rest my eyes and do the layouts later. XD jaa~! I'm off to rest and eat soup and bread. XD

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