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[2008.07.23] Sachi Tainaka - Mou Kiss Sarechatta single review

As much as I know I haven't made a review on this one. Listening to "Nettaiya", one of the single's B-side song, sort of, inspired me to do one. Although it's already late. XDD

But this update, it's never going to be late but *whispers* Sachi Tainaka will be having her 9th single released on October 22, 2008. As of now, there is still no title but this sure is good news *end whispering*

Mou Kiss Sarechatta is Sachi Tainaka's 8th single released on July 23, 2008 under Sistus Records, of course. Yes, I was, as usual, about this because it will be a new non-album single after her sloppy Visit of love. And this is her first cover single (The title track and the other B-side, Ai ga Areba Daijoubu are both Koumi Hirose cover song) to begin with so I think it'll be something a bit big (bigger than Visit of love but not as big as her successful disillusion). The single itself peaked at #58 in the Oricon weekly and charted 2 weeks so I'm not assuming it even reached 4,000 copies sold.


  1. Mou Kiss Sarechatta (4:59)
  2. Nettaiya (4:48)
  3. Ai ga Areba Daijoubu (5:26)
  4. Mou Kiss Sarechatta -instrumental- (4:58)
  5. Nettaiya -instrumental- (4:46)
Hell yeah, this girl needs some rock so this single really "fulfilled" the need for it... Not until I heard the full version of the song in her main website. I gasped and said "oh-oh..." (again) because it's indeed rock-ish and cheerful but if not bland like Lipstick, this one is too saccharine for my taste... Even the title itself is saccharine, You've Kissed Me Too Much or so... But the percussion and the arrangement itself is good -- not bad but there comes a part that made it too sweety and bland that it sounded a bit like Lipstick. As much as I don't want to say this but this first cover song is a disappointment because it doesn't even portray the singer's persona. Well that's for me. She's not sweet in song writing but rather inspirational... And that's much better than just being plain sweet.

But on the other side of this single, comes Nettaiya (Tropical Night) which is the asset of this single. FYI, this is the only original song in the single which means Sachi Tainaka can really stand on her own feet that she doesn't really need to cover any original songs in the future. If only she could come up with songs like this in her future releases, it will be one of her best performance. Much more poppish but it's more exotic in melody and beat. You can feel the melancholic emotions expressed by Tainaka on this song. I may not know the meaning but I can sense it just by hearing this song. May be generic on other people but how Tainaka expressed and sang this piece with her vocals is much more distinct which makes it real different from her other songs. And is indeed tropical because it's "light-hearted" just like what I always express on some other songs. Piano, guitars and simple percussions are the instruments used on this song but it overtakes the supposed-to-be powerful A-side cover song.

Ai ga Areba Daijoubu must be one of the most boring song she ever pulled that it didn't really suit my taste. An acoustic performance much similar to her previous B-side song With ~Harunatsu Akifuyu but the latter was much much more memorable and uplifting. It's not even comparable to her most powerful ballad Ichiban Boshi (which I appreciate more right now than when I made the review for the said single). If you think Nettaiya was generic, much more on this one that's why sometimes I just pretend this one never appeared on my playlist. I'm not saying much on this one because I don't really hate this but I'm not liking it even one bit.

Overall, 3/5.

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