Friday, February 29, 2008

For Mami Kawada

sentiment: excited
harmony: "Kohaku" by Kotoko

It looks like I'm wrong... xD But let's open the possibility that there will be a "Savia" song on Mami's upcoming album but it's not going to have a PV but rather a song called portamento will have the PV (for a change). The PV preview is now available on her Geneon Website.

I'm exciyed because it sounds very great. I love it! Can't wait for it's full version!! XD And the banner for her website looks very neat. xD A new image! XD I'm betting either Tomoyuki Nakazawa or Kazuya Takase was the one who composed & arranged it but eitherway, it's great. xD *can't wait for March 26*

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