Monday, January 14, 2008

The Bonnie Pink Marathon

sentiment: LSS'd
harmony: "Free" by Bonnie Pink

I find myself getting purely addicted with Bonnie Pink again. XD I'm setting aside listening to I've Sound lately and have been listening to Bonnie Pink for a while now. I missed her songs and I hope she'll be able to release another single this 2008.

I'm getting LSS'd and relaxed with "Free", the one I'm listening to and I recommend it to Bonnie Pink prospects. XP Yesterday, I was in Bonnie Pink old school mode by listening to her old songs (which didn't made it to the Oricon accdg to my sources which is very sad) like Orange, Heaven's Kitchen, Do you crash?, and of course, the first song which made me familiar of her -- It's Gonna Rain!. Then eventually getting modern from Sleeping Child, Private Laughter, Last Kiss, So Wonderful, Cotton Candy, A Perfect Sky, Free, Water Me, and then Gimme a Beat. XD I'm the slightest fan of Bonnie Pink nee, nee? *with sarcasm*

But right now, I'm getting addicted with her Broken hearts, citylights and me just thinking out loud. XD Wooh, what a long title but it's cool. XD Courtesy of her Thinking Out Loud album.

She just look great in the album cover. Totally in love with it. XD Although the graphics are sort of vandal only but it's quite bubbly. XD

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