Friday, December 21, 2007

Unexpected Turn of Events

sentiment: excited (for tomorrow)
harmony: "Around the mind" by Eiko Shimamiya

Yes! I'm excited for tomorrow's event! I hope this will work tomorrow... XD the postponed birthday celebration will be tomorrow... in FEU.. xD haha! Haven't been there for several months (or a year, is it?). But why am I happy today? Did something great happened? You bet.

It just started when my heart just want to go outside the house world to travel around for myself and "go shoppping!" lolz. I don't know why but I had the urge to go out and so this afternoon I decided to go to Alabang Town Center to enjoy myself. And that's decided. I hurried took almost an hour in the bath because the water is just great... haha! When I got out, dad told me someone "missedcalled" me twice while I was in the bathroom. When I checked it, *gasp* it was dearest imouto Nikki-chan! At that time, I thought "She might ask me if I'm still mad or something..." And then I hurried (this is for real) getting dressed up and got out of the house.

While I was walking somewhere, I didn't notice that she "missedcalled" again. Oh how numb of me. Then I called her and was shocked when she told she'll go to ATC!! O,o I was like, "Eh?!" I was dumbfounded. xD But of course, I was happy because we'll see each other again. At 4:50 PM, there I was, at the ATC, enjoying the arcade in the Time Zone. xD I got addicted and I almost forgot that Nikki-chan might be waiting for me at our meeting place. But she wasn't still there... *relief because I didn't let her wait for too long but at the same time, worried why she isn't here yet* When she informed that it was traffic, I just made a proposition to just meet her at the Festival Supermall which is much nearer (for her) and convenient.

When we meet there, we ate at Tokyo Tokyo. Boy, was I hungry? My stomach was grumbling that time so I initiated the offer. Then we walked around and go shopping. xD Well not really the super duper shopping but I was able to buy one shirt which costs PhP400.00. And here's the risk, if I'll buy the shirt, I'll end up walking from Festival Supermall to our house (which is a good 30-40 minute walk). I end up buying it knowing the "exhausting" risk. xD Then imouto also bought a bag for her! Hahaha! The bag looks good so I hope imouto will be happy using it (and since it's her choice). And take note, after I bought the shirt, we stepped out and then *alarms* the detector (Electronic Article Surveillance) goes noisy! And then looked to imouto, my facial expression was like "WTF!? I didn't shoplift anything!" Then we laughed. xD And that wasn't the only time it happened awhile ago. When we entered into other shops, the detector also alarmed! Then I told imouto, "Oh yes! I'm a suicide bomber! Be afraid! Muhahaha!"

At the end of our day in the mall, I only have a miserable PhP6.25 on my purse and a PhP1,000.00 bill which is not a very good option to spend. And I lol'd out and asked myself, "Am I really going to sweat it out until I reach home?" And I can't help myself but to borrow PhP2.00 from imouto so that I could ride the jeepney and just walk a shorter distance. Then we walked to the bus terminal so that Nikki-chan could go home already. After awhile, we bid each other goodbye (and see ya tomorrow! xD)... And that's it. I'm going to face the challenge.

While I was in the jeepney, I'm already planning what I am going to do... but... But the jeep suddenly went into halt. It was gawdy traffic. After awhile, the jeepney driver returned the PhP7.50 fare to us since he couldn't drop us into our destination. xD And so I still wasn't doomed after all. xD God is still kind to me. xD haha! But then the jeepney driver gave PhP15.00 to the person in front of me. He told me, it's for us. "Oh?" Then the guy asked me where do I live and I said, "I'm from Soldiers' Hills". A good coincidence, he was living somewhere there too! (Although our house are far from each other)

While we were walking in the Nat'l Road until we reached our village, we talked (but not introduced ourselves) about something. He was kind and comfortable to talk to although he told me he was once a drug addict. But it's nothing for me since I can see now that he has changed a lot -- from the way he talks and approaches me, I can tell.

And then we separated on our ways inside our village and got home safely. I was excited to check my new shirt if it really fits me! xD haha! But you know what is the most surprising part? When I took out the shirt from the bag, *den-den-den-den* the electronic article surveillance was not detached!!? O,o so that explains why the detectors in the other shops were alarming!! Arghh, I'm still going to return the shirt later to detach the EAS... -__- But the good thing is, it fits me perfectly! ^__^

And in the end, the day was oh so truly great! I thank God that He hasn't greed on me up until now. xD A big lol for what happened awhile ago! Haha!

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