Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Year Evaluation (JPop Edition)

sentiment: fine
harmony: "philosophy -Proto type mix-" by KOTOKO

Ahh, at last I'm still able to catch up although it'll only be 1 1/3 hrs. before year 2008 will make its way here in the Philippines. After evaluating my ups and downs for this year last night, I decided to make one evaluation for J-pop artists that I like. Not really more on evaluation but more on their performance lately and what I will be looking forward to them. Ok let's start...

  • KOTOKO - Well can't say much about her for this year because she really did well this 2007 compared to her other co-I've Sound members. Although her first 2007 single (Kirei na Senritsu) didn't do that well but nonetheless the following releases are much more memorable. And what can I say she's very in-demand for eroge makers to perform theme songs. Awesome... What I'm looking forward to her? Nothing much since she is really doing very well since she's the most famous of all I've Girls.
  • Mami Kawada - What can I say about my most fave I've Sound singer? Well I must say that this has been a bit tough for her because most of her first 2007 single (Akai Namida/Beehive) didn't do that good as well in terms of Oricon chart position and total sales and her following single as well (Get my way!) which is considered her least successful single. But at the same time, an opportunity because she was in hiatus for 1 year in single making. Her second single was released 2005 and it was a good year and a half after the release of her third single. Her eroge theme songs this year were not memorable as well. I admit I didn't like seduce because whenever I listen to that song, it gives me the headaches. For our days and return to that place are much more likeable although very downbeat. But with her 5th single JOINT, she rose again and even hitted the 9th spot in the Oricon (first time in her history)! Huwaaaw! So I'll be looking forward for more rock songs and good techno beat like The Maze. I'll be expecting you'll release your second album this coming year! XP
  • MELL - oh yeah at first I just kind of "snobbed" her name because I was concentrating with KOTOKO and Mami back then but when I first heard her Red fraction, it was like "OMFG, this is really great!!! MELL... I like her!! I must download more from her!!!" Haha! Why do I like her? Simply because she has this "distinct" style that makes her different from her co-I've Sound members and other J-pop singers. She has this irresistible charm on her that I can't let her go. xD Specially when I heard no vain, I've said to myself, "I love it! Even if it's PV was the great Madonna strip-off". I'm looking forward for more awesome beats like the two song mentioned. I didn't like Virgin's high! that much but I like kicks!.
  • Eiko Shimamiya - nowadays I have been attached with her songs... I didn't find it usual because in the past, I just listen to Naraku no Hana and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (and it's B-side all alone). But when I started to listen to her ULYSSES, VANILLA, Sukarabe no Inori and the other songs from the ULYSSES mini-album, VANILLA mini-album and her other eroge theme songs, I like her bit by bit but still no one beats Naraku no Hana because it's an epic win with its horrific surround sound combined with techno-ish sounds and confusing chants equals great music! What I'm mostly looking forward is her upcoming song WHEEL OF FORTUNE and Diorama which will be the opening and ending theme for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni live-action movie.
  • Kaori Utatsuki - nothing much although I admit she's my least fave I've Sound singer but one thing I'm looking forward to her: Can you please try perform songs that are not fluffy cute just this once? Your two first singles with Geneon are declining sales... So can you please try another genre aside from denpa and cute, fluffy songs? xD But I like her voice... so little and uhm..cute? xP
  • Rie fu - although she's kind of, in the low-state of popularity, I still like her and her songs. Keep your style and I'll be looking forward for more folk rock music! ^_^ If I were to meet you in person, I'd like to take her autograph! Haha! I just love her smooth and low voice specially in ballads like Life is like a boat, Anata ga Koko ni Iru Riyuu, and Negaigoto. Keep it up!
  • Sachi Tainaka - sort of similar to Rie fu's state of popularity among J-pop fans, no one can still bit her 3-octave voice range for me specially from her Saikou no Kataomoi! Even without the Fate/stay night tie-ins, your powerful voice is still one of a kind! And your popular for me! xP I'll be looking forward to your Visit of love single and Love is... album! ^_^
  • Jyukai - although even facing more of Rie fu and Sachi Tainaka's state, I'll always be a fan of Jyukai and their music. Imagine they can still manage to make fantastic music even if it's just Manami and Yoshiaki Dewa. Maybe the lack of promotions is the reason why others don't recognize them. But whatever happens, keep it up because for me, this band really rocks and does their job really well. ^_^
  • eufonius - So when did I start liking this duo? Oh yes, it was still when I was watching Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica! I remembered I was addicted with Apocrypha at some extent. xD I also like their Mag Mell but my favorite version is the cuckool mix 2007, the one used in the Clannad anime. Riya's voice is so crystal clear and amazing that I love it! I also like Idea and Himawari... xD I'm looking forward to more amazing music and their upcoming single Reflectia.
  • Hitomi Takahashi - Yes I like Hitomi Takahashi but as her image began changing, my likeness began fading a bit. I like her since her debut single Bokutachi no Yukue but she go towards the punk rock genre, I didn't bothered that much as I'm not the biggest punk rock fan. How I wish she could go back to Bokutachi no Yukue, evergreen, Aozora no Namida days where she is more of pop-rockish. But I still like appreciate her Bamboo Collage album but not as I love her symphathy album. I'm still looking forward that she could go back from pop-rock.
  • YUI - oh she's famous as ever. She's an exemption from the mainstream because she's simply amazing even with a small yet high voice. Starting from LIFE single, I loved her ever since and decided to complete her discography (and I had ever since). I'm looking forward for more awesome rockish songs because I must admit I didn't like LOVE & TRUTH (but I like the B-side Jam).
  • MOMO - I wish she'll have a single of her own this year! Because I love her low yet smooth voice. If you listened to Velocity of sound already, you'll know what I mean. x3 I'm looking forward on having her back with I've since her latest song Cherish is connected with I've Sound although she already left the group almost two years ago.
  • Fonogenico - I loved them since their debut single Reason. I like how poppish and jazzy (some) their songs are. I'm looking forward for a more refreshing jazzy track just like their Rhythm. That is one epic win song! :D


  1. XD; At first, I thought this review was I've exclusive, so I went O_O!! when I read Rie Fu's name. XDD *bricked*

    2007 was definitely Mami Kawada's year. :D Hope it continues this year too!


  2. hahaha I just made an evaluation to the 5 I've Girls first then the others came next.. ^__^

    And yes, even if there are a lot of hardships for Mami, JOINT is definitely the I've single of the year 2007. ^^ I just knew it. xD

    And yes, I have high hopes for MOMO. ^^,