Friday, May 04, 2007


Feeling: Bliss
Currently Listening To: "Velocity of Sound" by MOMO (expect that this is a trance music)

Well obviously, I'm getting addicted (again!) with trance musics... XD that I want to dance all night long... hahaha! yeah! I really love trance... really don't know why I love this genre... but whenever I listen to these trance musics o' mine, my heart is always at ease and comfy... and not to mention, feel like dancing! Most of my trance musics here are coordinated with techno and it really rocks my socks! =D No wonder, I liked the I've Sound! nyahaha! Even though they're songs are soundtracks from eroge wahohohoho! *chuckles* Plus I listen to them everyday. As IN everyday even in the office while closing massive repair tickets or just plain bored. XD

Well, the third week of OJT turns out to be a bit boring because we're not doing anything new aside from answering phone calls, call thru-ing and closing/creating repair tickets but at least the activities are not strenuous and tiresome. When I got bored, I play GBA or the JNES. XD yeah... you got that right. There IS a GBA and JNES emulator in the computer that we use... so whenever we got bored or we have nothing else to do, we play JNES or GBA... hehehe! ebbeeelll... I should be doing on-the-job training but I guess I can't help it if it's really boring... Well, for their info, we always finish our task very early so we still have time to doo-doo-dee-dee the computer hehehe... ^__^ I have already incurred 110 hrs of OJT so I'll be out in the next 2 weeks. Well, it's because the 1 hour lunch breaks are included in the 200 hours... XD and most of the time, we are not yet finished with some up-to-late tasks that we OT'd for 30 mins. We did that for a few times already and our supervisor told us that it was credited in our 200 hours of work... "Ok then..." were the words that formed into my hypothalamus at that time... XD

Wah... need more trance and techno musics! XD getting really freakingly addicted with them... XD more & more! =P getting addicted with Velocity of Sound! haha! I'm already repeating it for the nth time already... XD

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