Thursday, April 26, 2007

Can't Get Enough...

Feeling: Sleepy yet hungry!! huhu~
Currently Listening To: "Out Flow" by MELL

Just can't get enough of Spiral ~ Suiri no Kizuna... I ended up unsatisfied with episode 8... I wanna watch how Ayumu will challenge and deal with Rio Takeuchi, one of the Blade Children... huhu... It's getting better by the episode... XD I wanna watch it very soon... XD

Can't get enough of downloads too! XD~ downloading anime episodes, singles/albums of recently released anime theme songs or JPop. XD I just downloaded Rozen Maiden Best Album ~ Leer Lied and Hero's Come Back!! single which was the opening theme of Naruto Shippuuden via Bit Torrent. Good thing, it has many seeds so the downloads did't take an hour or two. XD

I still can't believe that I can give inspiration to someone who wants to learn about something... Well, not really inspired but my friend JoCa was urged to learn Macromedia Dreamweaver because she thinks that my blog layouts are cool. I'm happy that I was able, at least to influence her in a good way and we're now even! Yeah check out her blog site! It's cute and cool too! I also like purple color that's why I made my previous layout with purple as its main color.

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  1. Rio~! *glomps Rio* She's my second favorite Blade Child next to Eyes~ <33 she's so cute and... dangerous. XD Waheheh!