Monday, March 12, 2007

Against All Odds and Expenses

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This day really sucks. There are too many unfortunate events that happened lately just because of the submission of a project. Last night, I crammed on doing this project for friggin 10 hours. From 7pm-5am nonstop, I typed and at the same time think of something to type for my project. It's a good thing that my body didn't retired because of exhaustion and sleepiness. I only slept for 3 hours and it feels like my head is spinning all the way around the Kuiper Belt. LOL~ Then I printed the pages which has no picture on it (because I'll have those with pictures printed in the PC Shop) and then went on my way to the nearest PC Shops.

It was such a bad luck that there is no passenger in the tricycle station that's why I have to go special (I'm in a hurry) and pay P18 for the fare. Then I look for a PC Shop which is offering colored printing services but to no avail. Tough luck for me, I still have to go to Festival Mall just to print. So I rode a jeep that has a "Festival Mall" signboard but tough look, he didn't went straight to the mall and instead, the jeepney went to the rotonda wherein it was a walking distance from Festival Mall but it's still a bit far away. So I'll have to walk again and again from far away.

Time has come and I already printed those pages which has pictures and I incurred an expense of P160 just by having a 5 page of pure pictures. I felt like my wallet was vacuumed and almost all of the contents were absorbed by the vacuum. While I was in the overpass where I came from (before I came to the Festival Mall), I noticed that the stairs from where I came from was already closed and I have to go inside the South Station just to get out of the f***ing territory.

Another unfortunate event, I payed the special fare at the Entrance of Alabang Hills Village up to the grounds San Beda because darn that high school student, I thought he was gonna ride the tricycle too so that I could save my money. Drat that high school student. x__X And when I arrived at school, I learned that me and my partner should have a separate copy of the soft (written report) and hard (CD) copy of the immersion. Wah! Of course being SJ's partner, I have to go with him at the Alabang Town Center and resolve his problems.

In the end, we were able to pass this subject but we're still kinda frustrated because they forgot to tell us what we really have to do. I hope this will serve as a moral lesson for all of us.

Oh and before I end my blog entry, here is the "Sketch For Summer" by Eri Nobuchika. I just uploaded it in my e-snips account. I really love her song. XD enjoy your listening!~

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  1. I thought this story was familiar. Honga pala na-kwento mo na sa kin to sa telepono~ XD

    See?! See?! I told you I hate projects with colored pictures! I feel like a holdup victim everytime! Oh, did I tell you that or... was it someone else? Oh well...

    We should always have colored ink at home! ^___^