Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Moving On...

Feeling: I'm happy now! ^___^
Currently Listening To: "Precious" by Mami Kawada

Well... it's been two weeks (?) since I changed my layout. XD too soon! Hahaha! I just want the world to know that I'm alive and kicking again! After a couple of days of being dramatic and emonesz, here I go again! XD~ Maybe I'm just fed up of being sad and decided to throw all the sorrow and jump out for joy! It's not that I forgot all my problems... It's just that I don't want them to outsmart me! Hahaha! =) I won't let any problems destroy my sanity!

My blog's main color has gone back to being red and I really missed it. LOL= hahaha! XD= Well it's just that I really love the color red! =)

Oh and if you'll notice, the only post that is appearing in your screen now is this post only. Why? It's because I don't want to see my melodramatic posts for a while (It reminds me of something I don't want to think about! =P). But if you insist on seeing/reading it, then go ahead and search it in my navi. Hahaha! But I'm going to increase the posts visible once I posted again these days. ^__^

Wee~! I still have my classes tomorrow and I'm not sleeping yet! *looks on my watch* OMFG, it's already 10 minutes before 1:00 AM! I should be sleeping now! XD~ Oh well... I'll post again tonight nyahaha! Sore ja, itte kimasu! Oyasumi nasai, minna-san! ^__^ bye-bye! *waves hand*

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