Sunday, October 01, 2006

4th Day of Black Out

"4th Day of Black Out"

A rather horrible and worst day. If you think playing Skrib-age, card games, and spin-a-letter is way too boring for an early adult person like me, sitting in the couch doing nothig is much much worst! Talk about bad luck, it's also very humid! Sheesh! According to the AM radio, Meralco is doing all that they can to restore electricity but the problem is, I can't really feel it! They said that they will restore electricity until 12mn. But I doubt it! Really! There are still many municipalities here in NCR that has no electricity yet! Gosh! when will we have electricity again? Will someone adopt me please!? Even for a day only! It's been 4 days w/o electricity here in our house! It's so boring that it tastes like hell!

"why do I love you so much? It's so easy that I can't answer..."

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