Monday, September 25, 2006

"Hi no Tori"

Hahaha, Mika Nakashima this time!! I just like the way she sings!! I'm addicted to her!! gosshhh... I just noticed that all of her anime songs are mellow and senti... the only rock music that she sang is "Glamorous Sky" which is the opening song of NANA live-action. And I admit she's pretty cute being the Nana Osaki of the said live-action drama!! *drools* She's one of my ultimate crushes!! Actually she's the second and Nana Katase comes first!!^^ But still, she's very cute and her singing voice is very vibrant and neat!!!=D Anyways here's one of my favorite Mika Nakashima song that I had in my anime mp3 collection. It is the ending theme of "Hi no Tori" (TV) (Bird of Fire/Phoenix). It is also entitled "Hi no Tori". This mp3 is actually a PV Rip of the song. And I would like to apologize, because the quality of this song is a bit low because I only recorded it in a radio site... So I hope you don't mind the quality, ne? You can still understand the song!=)

Song Title: "Hi no Tori"
Length: 4:33
Album: Hi no Tori
Size: 5.21 MB (160 kbps)

here to download

STATUS: EDITED (Oct 15, '06) <--- the mp3 has a good quality now! For those who downloaded the low quality, please erase that and download the music again by clicking the URL above.

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  1. thanks i've been looking forever for this song e__e